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Pengman Beijing Rd. A-mall Apartment Guangzhou is located at the intersection of Zhongshan fifth road and Jixiang road in the prime area of Guangzhou City, adjacent to Mayflower commercial square, Beijing Road, Haizhu Square business circle and Shangxiajiu Road business circle. It is a 33 storey commercial building. The lower second floor of the apartment is the hub of Guangzhou Metro Line 1 and line 2. The former metro station in the park can enter the jiedeng metropolis shopping mall from exit e of the metro station and enter the shopping mall of the building. Not only that, the ground bus network is also quite developed, with more than 80 bus lines running through, making travel convenient. Within one kilometer, you can get to Yuexiu Mountain Park, Zhongshan Memorial Hall, Liurong temple, Guangzhou municipal government, Tianzi wharf, Great Buddha Temple, Nanyue King Museum, etc; There are Yanjiang Road, Wende road and provincial hospital of traditional Chinese medicine around.
The main building of the apartment is equipped with 9-story shopping plaza, food street, Feiyang studio, etc. The surrounding restaurants, supermarkets, banks, hospitals and other supporting facilities are complete, and travel is extremely convenient. The rooms are decorated in light brown and elegant. You can enjoy the view of Guangzhou's invincible City, the prosperous and beautiful night scenery, and the charming scenery of Zhongshan Memorial Hall and Beijing road. Apartment has a variety of different room types, spacious and bright rooms, fashionable luxury, rooms are equipped with LCD TV, broadband, refrigerator, air conditioning, microwave oven, washing machine, safe and other facilities. The humanized and considerate pattern and the clean and tidy white bedding make a warm space like home. Each guest room is an exquisite and colorful theme space with distinct personality. The hotel rooms are warm and comfortable, with broadband, WiFi, 24-hour hot water, LCD TV, personalized and fashionable decoration style, which is your ideal choice for business, business, travel and residence.
The front desk of the hotel is located in room 1724 on the 17th floor. The building adopts a fully enclosed management mode. You need to swipe your card before you can use the elevator. If you have arrived at the elevator hall of the building, you can take the elevator in the lobby of the apartment to the 17th floor, and the staff will welcome you at the front desk! Welcome to Guangzhou pengman international apartment!

Breakfast price: Breakfast is not provided.